Patriotic Parody

Inspired by my friend Jenn, whom I originally met at a real-life gathering of virtual denizens of TinyLondon on DragonMUD.  Dedicated to former President George “Dubya” Bush.

The U.S. President
into Iraq he went
without a pause.
He thought he’d find him some
enriched uranium,
or anthrax or sarin gas;
now he has a new cause.

He gives them democracy;
gives us theocracy;
wants prayer in school.
Wants an amendment to
the Constitution to
define what marriage is?
What an absolute fool.

The president, you see,
is an I-D-ten-T;
of this I’m sure.
He can’t say “nuclear”;
it’s too close to “secular”.
For that kind of ignorance
there is no cure.

My country, ’tis for thee,
I pray most fervently
that we’ll survive.
Led by gee-dubya-Bush,
we’ll lead the greatest push
t’wards the Apocalypse,
in a great nosedive.

(April 2005)